About Prof. C. G. Kulkarni

These institutes personify the vision of their founder, Prof. C. G. Kulkarni, a renowned academic, teacher and author.

At the culmination of a brilliant academic track record, Prof. Kulkarni passed his M.Sc. (Mathematics) from the University of Pune in 1967 with flying colors as the second rank-holder in the order of merit. He was the Daxina Fellow of the University of Pune between 1967 and 1969.

Prof. Kulkarni started his teaching career in the Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune, in June 1969 and later joined the Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Pune, in June 1970 as a lecturer. He rendered his services to this college till April 1989 and, by virtue of his academic acumen, went on to head the Department of Mathematics between 1979 and 1989. He was immensely popular among his students all through his teaching stint at the two colleges. He taught Mathematics till the post-graduate level for Science students and till the graduate level for Arts and Commerce students.

Prof. Kulkarni was a member of the Pune University's Board of Studies for Mathematics from 1986 to 1989. During this period, he actively participated in devising and modernizing the Mathematics syllabi for graduate and post-graduate studies and also for the BCS. (Bachelor of Computer Science) studies. He also convened and participated in a number of seminars and workshops for formulating the syllabus.

Prof. Kulkarni has also participated in setting Specimen Question Papers for Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Mathematics from 1980-82. Notably, barring slight modifications, the same pattern has been followed ever since.

Prof. Kulkarni has authored 35 textbooks, 8 of which are for the HSC curriculum and the remaining for the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) curricula of the Mumbai and Pune universities.

During his teaching stints at the colleges, students from his own as well as various other colleges approached him with requests for tuitions in Mathematics. It was here that the idea of these institutes struck roots and in all their glory, the institutes today are an embodiment of Prof. Kulkarni's passion and flair for teaching.

Prof. Kulkarni's students run into thousands and have progressed to eminent positions all across the globe as doctors, engineers, scientists, architects, software engineers, chartered accountants, cost accountants, executives and so on.

This golden tradition is now carried forward by :

Mrs Gauurei Kulkarni is the proprietor of Subodh Classes. She has degrees in Psychology, Human Resource Management, Computer Science and Languages . She has 19+ years of experience in Manufacturing , IT and Educational verticals in the areas of Human Resource Management, Process Setting , Project Management, Brand Building and designing growth strategies. Her primary focus in Subodh is helping the students design their career path - taking into account their interests, thinking patterns and study patterns. She is a certified DMIT consultant. Her active involvement in diverse industries have equipped her with the understanding of industry trends and resource requirements . Her aim is to make the educational journey of the students stress -free and enjoyable , but at the same time focus- driven and disciplined. -

The Conception of Subodh

Meaning of "Subodh" The Sanskrit verb "Dnyan" means "to know". Noun "Dnya Janati" which means "knowledge" is derived from the verb "to know". "To acquire knowledge of certain subject of study" does not merely mean "to obtain information about it".

This consciousness is acquired by getting information contained in that subject,understanding its depth and beauty,its spread and potential.This consciousness is about its constructive and destructive uses.When such consciousness is taught by highly cultured medium 'cultivated' by sincere and strenous efforts and which has a divine base then that conciousness brings about the well-being of each and every student. Such consciousness,the cause of welfare is 'Bodh' that is 'Enlightment'.

If behind this enlightment is the prowess of perpetual blessing of the great preceptor,the prowess which sublimates not only the student but also every thing that comes in the vicinity of a student,such 'enlightment' is 'Subodh'.