DMIT Process
  • The scanning of your finger tips
  • Analysis of your finger tip patterns
  • Report generation
  • Counselling of 1-2 hrs
Output of DMIT Process
  • Detailed Report explaining
  • Your IQ Type
  • Your Personality
  • Your Learning Styles
  • Your Emotional, Social and Creative Quotient.
  • Detailed and interactive session with the parents and student
  • All points in the report are explained
  • Career and stream guidance
  • Help with choosing colleges/institutions
  • Counselling is done by Ms. Gauri Kulkarni
  • Choose stream and career paths in sync with your IQ type & Personality
  • Success "minus" the stress
  • Enjoy the learning journey
  • Avoid frustration

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test
Dermatoglyphics .... .

The scientific study of finger prints can give crucial inputs for stream and career selection.

Counselling is done by Ms. Gauri Kulkarni -the proprietor of Subodh Classes. She is also a Director in K3J Innovations Pvt Ltd – a company focussing on Solid waste management.

She has degrees in Psychology, Human Resource Management, Computer Science and Languages . She has 20+ years of experience in Manufacturing , IT and Educational verticals in the areas of Human Resource Management, Process Setting , Project Management, Brand Building and designing growth strategies. Her primary focus in Subodh is helping the students design their career path - taking into account their interests, thinking patterns and study patterns. She is a certified DMIT consultant. Her active involvement in diverse industries have equipped her with the understanding of industry trends and resource requirements . Her aim is to make the educational journey of the students stress -free and enjoyable , but at the same time focus- driven and disciplined.